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General Information


Our tours may by their very nature involve an element of risk for the traveler not normally associated to holiday packages. The client must accept these attendant risks and also be aware that safety standards of providers (hotels, tours, transports) are not of the same standard as in his/her home country. Due to political and cultural differences as well as generally tougher physical conditions, travel to many destinations we offer involve risks others than those we take in our daily lives. The client must be aware of this fact and should make his travel decisions accordingly.


The traveler, together with all his personal belongings, is traveling on his own risk. It is therefore a booking condition that the traveler subscribes to a personal travel insurance covering personal accidents, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss or damage of effects, injury, personal liability, illness or death, cancellation of travel and interruption of stay.

International Flights

ATH, Adventure Trans Himalayan Treks & Expedition Inc. does not include or sell international flights with its regular tours and is thus under no liability in respect of any matter howsoever arising with arrangements of international air transportation. However, we can help travelers to book their flight for one of our tours by referring them to a partner travel agency offering competitive rates for any International destinations. 

If a TAILOR MADE TOUR (customized tour) includes international and/or domestic flight(s) our responsibility is limited to providing the appropriate travel documents and accurate information and coordinate land transfers accordingly. The carrier remains first and unique responsible for the service provided and the conditions surrounding that service.


Nepal is a paradise for photographers. It is said that even if one falls over and accidentally trips the shutter, the result will be photogenic. The changing landscape and the purity of the light, the charming villages and the glittering peaks all make a perfect framework for the informed eyes. One needs to think about three basic issues when considering trek photography: weight, versatility and reliability.

Photos and comments

Travelers must be aware that our tour leaders and representatives may take photographs, videos and films of them while on any of our tours and that we reserve us the right to use such material for any publications or marketing uses and promotional literature. If the client opposes himself to this he must notify us with a written notice before or during the tour. 


Friendly management, definite departures, well-trained and experienced staffs. Higher quality equipment, excellent hygienically prepared food. A serious consciousness on environmental concerns & issues, private transports, Emergency Evacuation procedures organized where necessary (but you most has to have travel insurance which covered accidents, medical, and emergency Airlift evacuate etc), for local staffs, is Insured by ATH, Adventure Trans Himalayan Treks & Expedition Inc.

Adventure Trans Himalayan Treks & Expedition Inc. Is a Nepali owned company and insured for professional liability, per as Nepali law and odder to covering its operations throughout the Nepal (including errors & omissions) 

Laws and Authority

Participant must be in possession of a passport with at least 6 months of validity at departure and all visas, permits and certificates required for the whole of their journey. At all times the decision of the company's tour leader or representative will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety and well being of the tour. The traveler must at all times strictly comply with the laws, customs, and foreign exchange and drug regulations of all countries visited. Should the traveler fail to comply with the above, or should he interfere with the well being of the group, the tour leader or company representative may order the traveler to leave the tour without recourse to any refund. 


  • For other than the Nepal trips, we may act in some occasions as an intermediate agent between the customer and the service provider (transports, hotels, local tour-operators etc....) and thus should not be confused with the later who, in any case, remains first responsible for the service provided and the conditions surrounding that service. Moreover, if unforeseen events or forcible circumstances implying the security of the traveler impose it, we reserve the right, before the departures and during the tour, directly or via our tour leaders, to modify the dates, the schedules or routes anticipated. In this case the customer cannot claim any kind of repayment. Considering the particular character of our tours, each participant must conform to the instructions given by the tour leader representing the agency, which cannot be held responsible of the incidents, accidents or physical injuries resulting from any imprudent personal initiative of the traveler. 
  • We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of delays or cancellations due to a transport company. We also declines any responsibility as for the damage ensuing from a governmental act, from political unrest, from strikes or fortuitous acts or for damage undergone by a traveler for disease, loss, wounded or discomfort. 
  • Once the trip has started, no refunds will be made under any circumstances for premature return or for any unused part of the tour. 
  • Our responsibility ensuing from the defect to supply a service or an advantage described in the documents supplied to the traveler is limited to the cost of such service or favor. 
  • It is possible that bad weather, technical problems or other unforeseen event force us to modify the program / schedule or route of a tour. When in our opinion in the interest of safety or for the satisfactory continuation of the tour it is necessary to incur extra expenses, we may do so and recover the same from the clients. 
  • We cannot accept responsibility for the actions, lacks or errors of a traveler.